Mountain Outfitters Craftsmen

David Owen, Knifemaker

David Owen has spent his life working in many big cities from New Orleans to
Chicago. His favorite city, however, is Silver Dollar City, where he now resides
as the resident knifemaker.

David is a testament to the mastery that can come with time and experience.
Owens says “I am a living proof that with patience, dedication and hard work,
you can accomplish anything you set your heart and mind toward”. David is
self-taught, but has gained extensive knowledge from many sources, including
the official Blacksmiths Association of Missouri. He’s been forging a new blade
every single day since he started working on his craft, as they say practice
makes perfect!

David loves to share his talents at The City because he gets to see the spark of
fascination in each guest as they watch the demonstration. He strives for his
bladesmith demos to be not just informative, but entertaining as well when it
comes to showing off his skills. Come visit David at Mountain Outfitters on
Hugo’s Hill Street and see his creations for yourself!

Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024

Hugo's Hill Street

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