Valley Woodcarvers Craftsmen

James Barr, Master Craftsman

Missouri native, James Barr, found his passion for carving in the 80s. James specializes in large figures that are hand carved using just a mallet and chisels. For several years Barr has served as a guest woodcarver and has become well known for his huge Santa and hillbilly carvings. 

With 40 years of carving experience behind him, James now serves as a Master Craftsman. He says his favorite thing about woodcarving is, “the freedom to create whatever I want. The log itself inspires my creations and I never know what I’m making until I start.” 

In his spare time, James enjoys teaching his art of woodcarving to others across the Midwest. Stop by the Valley Woodcarvers shop and snap a photo with his larger-than-life Santa figure, pick up a one-of-a-kind treasure and meet the craftsman himself, James Barr. 

Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024


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