Apple Butter Shop

At the Apple Butter Shop you'll find an impressive array of apple butter, jams, jellies and other fruit butters, from Silver Dollar City's own label as well as other makers. Plus, sample hot apple turnovers topped with warm apple butter. Also featured are a variety of related gifts that include other fruit motifs such as cherries, grapes, strawberries and pumpkins for the fall season.


The Story of the Apple Butter Shop

The Apple Butter Shop all began with a young lady's search for the perfect apple. For many years she walked and walked, retracing the steps of Johnny Appleseed, until one day she walked right into Silver Dollar City. She fell in love with the area, bought some land, and planted an apple orchard with all the seeds she had collected from across the country. As the years went by, she worked her orchard until soon her crop became too much for her to handle. She joined forces with two sisters, who were known in these parts as the fastest canners this side of the Mississippi. Together, they put up apple butter, apple jelly, applesauce-they canned everything so swiftly that rumor has it they once even canned an entire kitchen sink! If you don't believe it, stop by the Apple Butter Shop and see for yourself. That young woman is a grandma now, and today she's making apple turnovers every morning for Silver Dollar City's visitors. 

Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024

Homestead Ridge

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