White River Bath & Body

The sign outside the store reads: Lotions, Potions and Other Notions. That’s exactly what you’ll find inside White River Bath & Body, which offers one of the most luxurious and complete lines of bath and body care around.

Made right here in the Ozarks from all-natural ingredients, lead skincare artist Meloney Kleeman has compounded a wide variety of scents in her ever popular lines of bath bombs, scrubs and salts. You'll even find these scents in other products such as specialty creams, lotions, deodorant, lip balm and gloss, roll-on perfume, soaps and more. There are even face care essentials with pimple potion, skin enhancer, face scrub, replenishing mist, breakout bubbles, mineral and mud masks.

This shop is not just for the ladies, they even have a men’s line with shaving lotion, scrubs, beard oil, exfoliating soap squares, muscle balms and more. Stop by today for your skin care essentials!


Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024

Valley Road

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